Saturday, April 13, 2013

Keep your always perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows are a very important part of our face because they express many of us, especially if we arranged. Eyebrows are a part of our face that attract much attention and that is why we care for daily, both in hair (which is what we will see now) and makeup. So today we will see some care to keep our eyebrows in perfect condition.

'm Sure many of you depilaros cost you perfect eyebrows and leave them (especially pain, that if you have sensitive skin is not too easy to remove the hairs more) and of course, in these cases it is best to go to a beauty center where a esteticen you lay them to your liking.

We are not all equal the same eyebrows, each person has a kind face and is something we can not change, therefore, aesthetic centers, professionals advise you on what is best shaved for the shape of our face . The best thing is that once done, we just have to keep at home to be still clean, but how do we do it?

Very easy, the first will take a picture when we get our eyebrows waxing, in this way, when we go to retouch only have to dip into photography and a mirror. Yes, beware that a hair under changes everything.